Sub-Saharan Art

Shona Sculpture
by Exotic Imports of New Haven

Shona Gallery is a leading gallery of Shona art in North America.
We work with many artists, and have a large and diverse inventory of Shona sculpture in many media.
We have represented over 900 artists
from Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, and other Sub-Saharan countries since 1996.

We have always used Fair Trade practices in our work with the Shona artists.

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The Shona artists refer to their inspirational works as "Creations"

Shona Creations

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Shona artists are masters of the bust sculpture.
Usually figurative, at times representational, occasionally venturing into abstract

Shona Busts

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Animal sculptures are very important to the Shona artists

Shona Animal Sculptures

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Large Shona Animal Sculptures

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Mixed Media Shona Sculpture

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Additional Shona sculpture may be found at our Featured Artists Page

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Collen Mutasa (Page 1) (Page 2)
Featured Artist at Shona Gallery


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